Sunday, February 17, 2008

Congratulations Kosovo!

So Kosovo declared its independence today. Congratulations to that! It wasn't really a surprise as it's been in the newspapers for a week or two. It still makes me happy though. It always does when an area of a country that quite obviously wants to become independent does so. I also can't understand the big uproar from Serbia. If they do not want to be a part of your country (and a unanimous parliamentary vote for independence quite strongly reveals that), let them go. You can't hold them against their will. There will be more conflicts that way.
I saw a car driving down Great Western Road today with the flag of Albania hanging out the window. The people inside were shouting and playing some music, probably Albanian. They seemed happy, so I'm happy for them!

Here are articles about the declaration of independence if anyone wants to read them:
Dagens Nyheter