Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Luck Mr. Obama!

I'm crossing my fingers that Obama will win tonight's primary. I don't particularly like Hilary Clinton. I think her campaign is somewhat despicable with her husband being aggressive and her playing on people's fear. And today when I read this article where she says she will "obliterate" Iran if they launch a nuclear attack on Israel, I really wish she wouldn't win the party nomination for the Democrats. I don't really want another war and I think it seems she's more likely to resort to that solution rather than go the diplomatic way. Also, I don't think anyone who's been in the White House, so close to power, can come out of there without being corrupt, albeit slightly less corrupt probably than the Republicans are.
I might be wrong, I'm not claiming to be an expert on American politics, I just have a better feeling about Obama. Plus, someone who has such fabulous posters as Obama's "cambio" ones really deserves to win. I believe in change and I'm also totally weak for the Spanish language. (I tried to put up an image of the poster here, but because of Murano's internet it won't work, so you'll have to google it to see it in all its fabulousness)