Thursday, July 15, 2010

Because of my genitals, the Vatican thinks I am less worthy

I have many problems with religion. We are in a constant battle, me and organised religion, over the individual rights that I feel is due me upon fulfilling the criterion of being a human being and that the church will not give me. We are in a constant battle over how leaders within world religions put men at a status above women and thus make a separation between the sexes. I have a problem with any organisation that does this, and I don't just single out religion in my dislikes. Normally, though, I leave religion alone. I am of the strong belief that anyone's belief is as important and valid as mine and that they have as much right to hold that belief as I am mine. But when it starts devaluing me as a human being and when we have a Pope that is downright dangerous to the wellbeing of humankind I have to speak my mind.

Today I encountered something that made my blood boil with rage. The Guardian reports that the Vatican has, in an attempt to show that they have taken the recent paedophilia scandal seriously, reformed a previous decree. In this new, reformed decree, the Vatican deemed paedophilia to be one of the gravest crimes that could be committed in the church. While they were reforming the document they also made sure to express how appalling they believe women's equality to be. Added to this decree dealing with the gravest crimes is the attempted ordination of women within the church.

If you did not understand this the first time, I will repeat: The Vatican has put paedophilia on par with female empowerment within the Catholic Church. If someone would attempt to ordinate me, they would perform a crime equal with that of sexually abusing children.

Not only is this tremendously insulting to women all over the world, it also diminishes their status as human beings. Women are not equal with men, they do not deserve the same rights or opportunities as men - they are less worth than men.

To believe that this is something that the Vatican means to be followed only within the clergy is naïve. If the Vatican were for equality (which they have proven over and over again that they are not) they would not separate men from women within the church or outside the church. This is nothing more than the highest powers on the earthly side of the Catholic church putting in writing that they view women as less worthy.

As the article (link above) also stated, this effectively means that any discussion for women's advancement or influence within the church or the Catholic community is closed. Anything else would be in right defiance of a decree from the Vatican, and even though I am not raised as a Catholic, I am sure that this means that it is somehow against the will of God.

When is enough enough? Dear politicians of the world; of my current home country Britain; and of my native country Sweden; of the European Union that unites us all and where the Vatican is geographically located - this I want to ask from you? Where were the outcries when a huge paedophilia scandal was brought up in the media? A scandal that, by the by, hardly was the first nor do I think it will be the last, despite all the PR efforts on the behalf of the Vatican.
Now the Vatican is claiming that I, and half of the world's population is less worthy than the other half. That I, somehow, because of my gender, am not allowed to enjoy the same rights as the other gender, and if someone tries to give me this right, it is equally as appalling as paedophilia. A foul political play expressed through an ecclesiastical decree to make it untouchable under the freedom of religion.

As a woman, as a voter, as an individual, as a human being and as a citizen I want to ask you what you plan to do about this?