Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Darfur soldiers

It's things like this that make me cry out of sheer horror. We often think about the victims of such crimes, as we rightly should. Hearing someone who has been forced to become a rapist and a murderer out of self-preservation is horrifying. It's easy to sit and say self-righteously that you would rather die than do something like that and faced with the choice you would choose death before abusing any of the two of the most important human rights. Would you really?
When you've got the world at your feet, or at least the opportunities you would if you have access to read this blog, it is easy to be self-righteous because the hardships we encounter in the developed world seldom come close to what this "Adam" has had to endure. It's his life or harming people, and how do you choose? I think the primal instinct is to choose your life. Humans have a built-in instinct of self-preservation. Can you blame it?
Certainly the victims of these actions are horribly wronged and deserve to be spared a thought for, but it is interesting to read the other side of the story. It shows that the whole situation is so totally messed up. It makes me sad.