Monday, December 13, 2010


Frida Kahlo, famous, among other things, for her self-portraits which always celebrated her glorious unibrow.

I had completely missed this! Apparently December month is the month where self-identified feminists and women all over the world grow a unibrow for a charitable cause of free choice, called Decembrow. It's been proposed by feminist site Feministing, a site that I frequent because of their good articles. The charitable brow growing serves dual purposes, because not only is it for a good cause, it also (hopefully) helps to get rid of the taboo of women and body hair.

Unfortunately my eyebrows are way too light to even show as a unibrow, even though they might fulfil the bushiness criterion. I just wish I had found out about it earlier, because then I would have had time to prepare to first of all choose a charity and then think a bit more about how to raise the money. Next year, I will definitely keep this in mind, perhaps I will follow suit from the Movember challenge and contribute to prostate cancer too? The possibilities are endless.

For this year, what I will do is attempt to make my brows extra bushy and root for all the women who have the courage to defy gender norms and participate in a bit of facial hair-growing. Good luck to all of you fantastic females with Frida Kahlo style brows.


  1. I've never waxed my eyebrows in my entire life, or plucked, and have yet to see a trace of unibrow.
    I guess I'll be with the movement in spirit though.

  2. Yes, I realised about two seconds after posting that I also meant to include those of us who cannot grow a unibrow but can still be participating in the sense that we (still) won't be plucking them! :)

  3. Hey interesting article, though, how does growing a unibrow help charity ? I mean do you just go to Oxfam and say hey "I grew a unibrow to oppose gender roles and support your cause" and give them 20 quid ?

  4. Hehe, that would be something, but no. The principle is the same as Movember, when every year in November men grow moustaches in different styles for prostate cancer. The whole fund-raising is based on private donations from friends and family, i.e. someone promises to grow facial hair, usually in a silly style and people will donate to motivate the person not to shave it off. Decembrow would work in the same way; the person growing out their eyebrows would rely on donations from other people than themselves in order to motivate them to keep going, so the charity wouldn't be given by the person doing the growing, it would be organised by her, just like Movember.

  5. I had black hair and brows when I was younger. Bit if a unibrow (less than Frida) which I thought cool and Fridaesque. Unfortunately with age brows not quite as lush and no more unibrow, hair also more silver than black. However I do prefer that to being dead, as alas Frida was by my age.