Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hunting is human rights

So apparently, according to an article in the Independent some people in Britain think that hunting is a part of human rights. I don't actually believe they really think that, but they've found some loopholes, or rather some laws they can press upon to try to legalise hunting again. I find it hilarious. Not the hunting, I don't really like hunting as a sport unless it is actually necessary in order to prevent overpopulation that will disturb the order of nature.
No, the thing I find hilarious is these people's intelligence and cunningness to use EU laws to try to override British laws. Well, if they actually had a case and Britain was doing something that wasn't according to EU laws, I suppose it would be fair enough, but using human rights as an excuse to hunt, that's just genious! Personally, I hope they won't get through the legalisation of hunting, but it still makes me giggle.
I am a politically correct person. It's against my personal beliefs to use something like human rights to benefit personally in this way, but I can't help but finding it brilliant. If I had no scruples and didn't really care for human rights, I probably would too. Although, I do find it wrong to use laws that are there to protect human rights to try to justify killing animals. That disgusts me. But due to the cleverness of these people I have to wish them good luck even if I hope they don't win.

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