Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's official. I am not human. I had this incident happen to me that probably should have upset me greatly, but I literally felt nothing. Watching it and thinking about it did not stir a feeling in me. At the moment I was actually very afraid for my own well-being. I am not going to say what this incident was about, but it wasn't anything as serious as death, so it wasn't shock or something like that, because it was totally expected. But it scared me oh so much that I did not feel a thing. I wanted to feel something, but where I should have been upset and angry I just said "hmh" and then started thinking about something totally random, for example what I would have for dinner the next day. That's how unaffected I was. And that is not a good sign for me if I still want to be seen as a human. I'm not sure that's at all possible anymore, I'm afraid.
But to take this to a different instance, these people in the article are not human. They're even less so than me. You do not trample a person to death for a 50" plasma tv and then not care about it. That is inhumane. And seriously shocking. How could anyone do that? I am reading the communist manifesto at the moment, and I'm starting to think that Marx has some valid points. Sociological, not political. I am still a liberal capitalist through and through who believes that the world can only gain from less rules. In some instances, maybe not when it comes to the credit crunch. But sometimes you have to take away some liberties to create others. Anyway, my thoughts are with the family of this man, who had to experience something so cold and brutal. Humankind at its worst.

Also, I just wanted to note that hedgehog is such an awesome word. The imagination when they named the animal. A hog who lives in the hedge. It is perfect! And it seriously draws me into daydreaming about all the leprechauns and whatnot that we can't see!

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